The Expert Witness Report.

Posted on 01/01/2009 · Posted in Expert Information

How long does it take to produce a report?

The reports are usually available within a two week period from the expert receiving instructionsand all evidence from the solicitor. Inevitably the more complex cases which require extensive research to be conducted can take a bit longer but should still be available within a month.

An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.
Edward de Bono

The first thing that an expert will do is to review the evidence in the case. This provides a very useful point at the end of the first week when an expert will have some idea of what his views are likely to be but is yet to write it all up and put it in a form that can be presented to the court. At this stage it may be really useful if the expert does not feel that he can support the instructing party that he tells them that this is the case.

The expert’s report is a major piece of evidence to go into a trial, hence it should be done with considerable thought and consideration of all the angles which exist. A rushed report that has been written in haste will never be as helpful as one that is at the top of the game and will be more persuasive to the other side in perhaps getting an offer to settle the matter.

Expert Evidence will always provide you with a date when the report will be provided to you.

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