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Information Technology and Custody Expert Witness

The IT part of banking has become one of the most interesting areas for fraud. Many people will have been exposed to at least one attempt at Phishing (when criminals send convincing emails which have malicious code hidden within them, usually in an attachment) or Vishing (when criminals attempt to obtain your confidential personal details over the telephone). This has become particularly serious with the frequent use of on-line banking and internet access to financial accounts. We have all become very used to the convenience of having a number of devices to access our financial information, such as our telephone, tablet, laptop and desktop PC but each can represent a new area of risk. Criminals seek to exploit the unwary. It is a pity to report that the growth of on-line crime is on the increase.

At Expert Evidence we are experts in this area and have a thorough understanding of the issues and responsibilities of the clients and the institution’s who provide the service. We have represented a number of both private customers and institutions which have suffered from loss from on-line fraud. We have resolved a number of major cases where criminals have successfully obtained money through the use of the internet and/or telephone to dupe innocent parties of assets.


Phishing is unfortunately a modern day reality, with many individuals and business’ subject to or at least at risk of being targeted by on-line fraudsters. Those targeted may receive an email or attachment that looks legitimate and is from a recognised or trusted source but is in fact an attempt to illegally acquire sensitive or personal information.


Vishing is also becoming an increasingly bigger problem for customers and banks, with both individuals and institutions needing to take responsibility and put procedures in place to ensure such fraudulent activity is not successful.

Expert Evidence was hired for a case where fraudulent payments had been made from a customer’s internet banking system after it had been compromised by external fraudsters (‘vishing‘) obtaining access to genuine profiles. Our expert reviewed the papers and concluded it was relevant for them to discuss with their bank the level of care a bank should take when highly unusual transactions pass across a business account and the timely action the bank should take to minimize any loss.


The wonders of the internet also open up another route for fraudulent activity, with some criminals relying on the internet to commit crimes. From online banking fraud, charity donation fraud and loan scams, Expert Evidence can help you navigate the complexity of where responsibility lies. Chip and PIN technology has made this much harder for the criminals but it still happens a surprisingly often.

Dual Key Authentication

Dual key or two factor authentication is a security protection approach that requires a password alongside an additional piece of information to verify the user’s identity, thus helping to protect them from cyber criminals.


Keystroke logging, or keylogging, is software or hardware used to track or log the keys struck on a keyboard. This can be for legitimate reasons such as a company monitoring its employees or a parent monitoring a child’s online activity, but the software can be abused for illegal and criminal purposes so that password, credit card details or personal information can be captured.

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