Dr Walford visits Dubai Courts

Posted on 15/12/2017 ยท Posted in Criminal Cases, Expert Witness, Financial Litigation

On the 16th November 2017, Dr Walford visited the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Courts to talk to the court officials about the role of an expert witness especially with regard to financial crime. Dr Walford has provided assistance as an expert in a wide selection of cases involving fraud, money laundering, insider dealing and confiscation of assets.

“Dubai courts welcome international expert Thomas Walford for advice on the best practices in evidence of banking and financial cases”.

Dr Walford visits Dubai Courts

Dr Walford was received by Salah Alhashmi, Head of Lawyers & Experts & Translator Section who was accompanied by Abdulqader Jelani Mohd Ali as translator at 5 Riyadh St. Dr Walford said afterwards that he “considered it as a very productive and useful meeting. I look forward to being able to assist in bringing clarity to trials in the UAE which fall into my areas of competence.”

Dr Walford has advised in a number of criminal trials involving large scale fraud as to how the crime was perpetrated and also how banking systems need to be amended to prevent re-occurrence. Insider dealing has been an area which has received significantly more attention in recent years. The regulators and prosecution authorities have found that the use of electronic trade reporting has significantly assisted with tracking pre-announcement share price movements. The internet has also done an enormous amount for the dissemination of financial information such that it is available to everyone and not just the professional fund managers. The more transparent ownership of assets has enabled a number of successful cases involving insider dealing to be brought in front of the courts. This has done much to level the playing field between those in the financial system and those that may get involved in the financial markets as a hobby or in an amateur way.

Money laundering has also received considerable attention in recent years with a number of high profile banks being fined for infringements in the area. Law enforcement authorities have clamped down on institutions who’s systems are not up to scratch and have allowed proceeds of crime to enter the financial system. This remains an area of great importance such that the overall financial system is trusted. Many of the major cases where successful prosecutions have been achieved are then followed by the confiscation of assets such that criminals are not able to retain their gains. This is effected under the “Proceeds of Crime Act” in the UK which has successfully been used in a number of cases.

Expert Evidence has a range of experts who all specialise in the main areas of advice from risk through operations to investment management. We advise both the prosecution authorities and the defendants, which we believe is the best sign that we approach the cases with a high level of impartiality and independence which is required of an expert witness.

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