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Litigation is always an expensive process and disputes resolved between the parties will always be a preferable course of action. Where this fails or one parting is unwilling to engage in meaningful discussions, then litigation may be the only option.

An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.”
Edward de Bono

However before you rush off to court, there are a number of worthwhile steps to consider. The first and preferable is to seek to deal with the matter through mediation. Mediation is usually held over a day and requires both parties to agree to attend. However it probably the cheapest form of organised dispute resolution and is preferred by many people as no judgement is imposed on the parties. It is up to the individuals involved to both attend and seek to find a solution and nothing is binding until it is agreed and signed off at the end of the process. Arbitration is an alternative and although it requires both sides to willing attend, the final decision is made for the parties and then become binding. An expert witness can help enormously with preparing your case and advising on the strength of the various argument points.

If formal litigation proves to be the only way to advance the dispute, the expert witness can form a vital part of understanding the way that your case is presented and ensuring that the process is not confused by a number of irrelevant points. Keeping the case focused on the main causes for action and having the support of an expert to back up the points, avoids the distraction of dealing with irrelevant issues which cannot succeed. The expert provides an invaluable input to the process and will over the course of the case reduce the amount of cost incurred.

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