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Highlights from the Expert Witness Institute Annual Conference 2015

Posted on 27/01/2016 · Posted in Expert Information, Expert Witness, Financial Litigation, Investment

Expert Evidence’s Thomas Walford joins industry leading experts to discuss the essential role of the expert witness at the EWI conference

Leading industry experts came together at The Expert Witness Institute Annual Conference 2015 in central London in September to discuss the role of the expert witness in the context of the ever changing judicial landscape. The conference came at a crucial time, with the EWI providing the platform for the expert witness community to come together, uniting experts from multiple professional disciplines, including lawyers, QCs, company chief executives and even forensic scientists.

Chaired by Amanda Stevens, the conference proceeded to invite energetic and quality debate as experts discussed the future of the justice system and the relating role of the expert witness. The keynote speech was delivered by Dr John Sorabji, Senior Fellow UCL Judicial Institute, Principal Legal Adviser to the Lord Chief Justice and the Master of the Rolls, who talked about how the increased use of court appointed experts could help to curb costs in times of austerity. As the courts find that litigants are increasingly representing themselves due to not being able to afford legal representation, the role of the judge and the expert witness has also evolved, with both needing to take a more active part in proceedings, and court procedures also being required to adapt accordingly.

Another key theme emerging from the day was the concept of ‘hot tubbing’, legal slang used to describe when expert witnesses give evidence at the same time and in each other’s presence rather than sequentially; a practice that has recently become a hot, and sometimes controversial, topic in the context of the role of the expert witness.

Further hot topics focused on the relationship between expert witnesses and solicitors, a lively session on forensic sciences entitled ‘Forensic Sciences: Dispelling the Fiction of the ‘perfect crime”, and a discussion around the lack of a formal certification process in place for expert witnesses.

Certainly the lively debate meant delegates left with plenty of food for thought, with everyone in agreement that the industry is thriving, and the role of the expert witness has become more vital than ever to the justice system.

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