Dr Thomas Walford lecturing at EWI Seminar on Experts’ Meetings

Posted on 06/05/2017 · Posted in Expert Information, Expert Witness

As part of the on-going lecture programme run for the education of experts by the Expert Witness Institute, Dr Thomas Walford will be lecturing on how to conduct and manage the court ordered experts’ meetings and the preparation of the Joint Statement. This is a important part of the expert’s duties in the legal process. The conduct at an experts’ meeting can be highly material to how the relevant arguements are presented to the court and the joint statement should become probably the most useful input to the judge.

Expert Meetings – Know Your Opponent

Date: 10 July 2017 – Time: 18:00pm

Organiser Expert Witness Institute

Venue: The Expert Witness Institute, 159-161 Temple Chambers, 3-7 Temple Avenue, London, EC4Y 0DA

Lecturer: Dr Thomas Walford
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Course content will include:

  • Legal requirements;
  • Joint Statement composition;
  • Agreeing an agenda – should you let your solicitor do this?
  • Preparing for the meeting;
  • Should the note of the meeting be agreed before it finishes?
  • Areas of agreement and disagreement;
  • Do’s and Don’ts;
  • Successful communication;
  • Liaising with solicitors throughout the process;
  • Minutes;
  • Statements required by the Court – what should they contain? and
  • Requirements of CPR 35.

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